Tom Kurzeka

Product Designer& Storyteller

Product Designer & Storyteller

Product Designer & Storyteller

Product Designer & Storyteller

scrolling is natural

I found design in my twenties.

Originally, I wanted to design book covers like these,

When I peruse a book store, I still take photos of covers that strike me.

But pragmatism prevailed.

In 2018, I was the first design hire at a startup called The Dyrt.

After my first year, a senior designer joined the team.

Together, we owned an end-to-end design process.

A smattering of artifacts from various sprints. We did a bit of everything, from research & ideation all the way through prototyping, testing, & QA.

We grew a team of two into a team of eight.

Fun times with video backgrounds!
That's me!

We established & evolved a design system in Figma.

A screengrab of various components. Dont' freak out, this is just a composite! The system had separate files for atoms, molecules, organisms, & documentation.

& we had some success,

The Dyrt app was ranked #1 in Camping in App & Play Stores.

Shipped subscription purchase experiences on web, iOS, & Android.

In 2020, subscription revenue exceeded annual goal.

Refined a cross-platform visual language in tune with our brand.